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Online Donation Instructions

Currently, Westview Centre4Women is in the process of applying for its own charitable number. Until the application process is complete online donations to WC4W can be made through Westview Christian Fellowships’ Canadahelps.org page. Please be sure after you click donate, that you select “Westview Centre4Women” in the Fund/Designation section.
Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

Here are some step by step tips to help walk you through the process:

  • Step 1: Go to the CanadaHelps’ Westview Christian Fellowship Page: https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/westview-christian-fellowship/
  • Step 2: Click the Donate Now Button
  • Step 3: Look for the “Fund Designation” Section. You will see a box that says “Westview-General.” Click the arrow beside the box and Select “Westview Centre4Women-General.”
  • Step 4: Fill in the Donation Amount.
  • Step 5: Click “Continue” at the bottom of the page. It will show you your donation. Click the “Complete My Donation” button at the bottom.
  • Step 6: Go through the steps to enter your info for the tax receipt and payment. This part is pretty straight forward.


Thank you for supporting the work of Westview Centre4Women!